Posted by: Shen | March 19, 2009

the kids in the rain.

the past cannot be change,
but we can definitely create the future.

needa find more definition for my life.
so bored.


Posted by: Shen | February 15, 2009

lets not die early.

still at perth.
a week plus more to go.
currently shedding skin to adapt here.
is friggin warm in the morning & afternoon,
n friggin cold in the nite.
my butt is still in pain for the past 1 month plus.
must be that idiot who kicked my butt the other time.
fuck him.not tell names though.
but seriously fuck her man!

love u baby.

Posted by: Shen | February 13, 2009

siao liao

lost my mind liao.
i miss her so badly,
that i carn rmb wat comes after A
& what 1+1 is equals to.

Posted by: Shen | February 12, 2009

to her!

love u!

Posted by: Shen | February 5, 2009

i swear i don’t care, just beat them

constant strinf of thoughts that runs.
just can’t have a proper sleep.
noticing the change around is jus too amazing as it seems to be.

truely. brick walls stops people of a kind that don’t want that particular thing badly enough.

though the future can nv be predicted.
but we have just gotta keep on going.

ohgreat.& theres nv a proper meal at home.

heading to perth next weds afternoon.haiz.

Posted by: Shen | January 20, 2009

im being forced to cut my hair

fk jus gna get jus a super small hair cut.carn believe i have to go cut.grrr.

anw earlier had a great day with my class.sentosa then nonsense at vivo city,too tired to at my facebook will tell my story.

jus gotten my package for my american apparel california fleece hoody.wwoots.
super love it & jus hand washed it.

bath time!
&italian dinner for tmr!

Posted by: Shen | January 19, 2009


i guess what i feel like now is having a long break at a countryside full of greens where money& domestic issues dun matter.

too much of things happening around.
i got to realize much things though.
a better view of life.
a better view of human mind.
a better view of love.

i got to realize the truth that promises can ever be made. no one can ever be sure of anything until the last very minute, second.

till a part, sometimes people just have no
total idea of whats next.

Posted by: Shen | January 18, 2009

down way

gotten back home jus 4plus back.
i carn believe my mums still has a prob with me working till late hrs.
&i seriously have dun want& dun have the strength
to explain to her anymore.
i work so as to have cash to spend.
the last time i gotten cash from her was dno when back.
i jus dno wats the prob with her.

&i ask, anyone came back after a whole fking day of work,
emerging into less den half an hour of sleep,
waking up again to go for another long day of work?
oh,& think i feeel damn damn happy..

yeah& i know this time is quite a major part of my life.
entering a new sch, & wateva new stuffs coming up.
im so damn fking tired.
seriously scratching my head at times.
& i dno wat this world has become maybe.
having work again later since pass 4 days.
finding out some time to settle my thoughts down
before going malaysia next week, following a perth trip.
dun feel like going overseas anymore though.

im having a headache now, like happening eveyday fking day
of my life.lucky i’e sme fking pills to cure.
jus die man fk.
i jus wna drop dead.
how i wish i could jus not bother about
anything anymore anytime.

&i question myself how long my word of ‘endure’,
can last?ha

now my whole organs & intestines feels like bursting out. feels painful everywhere now.

Posted by: Shen | January 13, 2009


slept till 4plus.
im so dead bored.
working for tmr till the end of the week.
gna find something to do now.
anw my Platinum CapitaCard debit mastercard jus arrived.
not gonna start spree-ing.
but spending wisely.


Posted by: Shen | January 12, 2009

fresh brain juice

grades not up to my target though.
but wateva im still gonna choose my courses for poly.
more likely engineering field for me.
the results that we recieved early send smiles & high hopes to people,
while others simple dread & regret.
but anyway the damage is done jus carry on with life.
went to get my new shoes at queensway.
& an hour bus ride back home.

now im feeling weird.
not kinda me now, i think.
i guessed i’ve change for the stronger.
i’ve still got many many battles to go.
no giving up as such things in my dictionary clear cut.

persevere not to hope for the best results,
but for the process that matters.

i forgotten to list down 10things i learnt for 2008.
heres one.
1. a million reasons to procrastinate for shit(mywords), 1 fking reason to start the work.

2. its not about the winning, its about the process.

3. brick walls(obstacles) are there to stop ppl who don’t want that particular thing badly enough

4.working sures a cool & fun thang, but spending wat u earn is more fun!

5.good things don’t come cheap

6. use ur brain

7. there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right

8. sometimes u get backstabbed without even realising

9.this world is full of conspiracies that once leak out to the world, will cause a world revolution, or prolly chaos

10. &ten fatal fightbacks for self defense

manymanymany more just cant get my memory right back.

oh & my L1R4 :16

thats it.

study=no fail – 1
no study=fail – 2
subst 1 into 2:  no x no fail = no x no study

Posted by: Shen | January 10, 2009



idk wat to blog,
anw created facebook account recently.
it sure’s better then friendster.

im boreboreboreboreboreboreborebore..

work later.

&here comes the fatking irritating drilling sound.nbcb$(*&%#@%&*^$#

Posted by: Shen | January 6, 2009

crouching tiger hidden turtle

i know the titles lame kay.

ok heres war i did earlier.
i went to check out what the doctor say about my fainting,
that happen 2months back.
its called

Vasovagal syncope

Vasovagal syncope is one of the most common causes of fainting. In this situation, the balance between the chemicals adrenaline and acetylcholine is disrupted. Adrenaline stimulates the body, including making the heart beat faster and blood vessels narrower. Acetylcholine does the opposite. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, excess acetylcholine is released, the heart rate slows and the blood vessels dilate, making it harder for blood to defeat gravity and be pumped to the brain. This temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain causes the syncopal (fainting) episode.

Pain can stimulate the vagus nerve and is a common cause of vasovagal syncope. Other noxious stimuli can do the same thing, including a situational stressor. It is common for medical and nursing students to faint when observing their first operation or autopsy. Some people pass out when they hear bad news; others pass-out when they experience the sight of blood or needles.

Other situations commonly cause the heart rate to temporarily slow and cause a faint. Straining with urination, bowel movement, or coughing can cause a vagal response.

anw i fainted while pee-ing.haha
luckily not serious.
but the feeling sure sucked!
first thing happen was this pressure up my body
next min my head hit the wall of the toliet
then i was out.
i woke up thought i was somewhere far from
apparently this feeling sucks!

ohya the day before ytd went to the doctor’s
told them i got headache they gave me muscle relieve pills.
thats cool.
best thing was the medicine cost 6bucks.
consultation fee 24bucks. it lasted 2mins of my life.
fucked.i din even enjoy being consulted
& the next idiot min i was out.
great. i could have played like 12hours of lan!

anw super bored again.
gonna search bout weird things later.
the last time my com was fine,
i search about US conspiracies & lots more.
now i’ll see.

bye world!

why does it feels so near,
& seems so so far away?

Posted by: Shen | January 5, 2009

super straight, im straight

back from wor,k showered & here i am.
still having weird sleeping hours like ever.
gonna get to sch to collect my awards later.

feel so shag now.
anw i love my new porter jap bag too much!
like superr.
best thing is the amazing price. ha

im so bored now but super glad..
that i need not worry wat excuses to give,
when im late for sch.
i’ll just die in sch if its another year for me.
needless to say the big changes made this year.

earlier had midnight curry at serangoon after work,
went back hg.
ended up at a bustop chatting for nearly 4hours.
my butt still aches.

for now i need sleep
ample sleep.


Posted by: Shen | January 2, 2009

sweeeeeetest yearrr

happy new year everyone!
2008 is over, like woah.

ok lets recap on 2008.

O’s was the major happening thang.
then my POP, super love it!
thats why to me is super memorable year.
lotsa crazy stuffs in sch with ma class.
& damn i cant rmb much.
oh the best thing was after pop like a few days..
the rest i wont be saying=)
ohoh, & my bro flew to jap for his scholarship studies
i admit im not as smart as him okay!

featuring mas selamat’s escape came
tons of funny pictures, rumors?conspiracies?
(oh i saw this damn cool chinese new year theme for him,
goddamn hilarious!)
then we had the Oil barrel prices increase,
lehman brothers fall, followed by major US companies fall.
retrench n cut cost on SG companies.
Mumbai attacks.
obama voted as president.
George Bush kenna shoe, [Most Classic=)]
& he said it was size 10. lmao
imagine how calm he was.
then came the flyer’s stoppage.

an many others.

& 2008 is my 1st year i started work.pretty cool!
over this 1 month plus earn over 2k.
well lets not mention wat i exactly bought.
jus a watch, an ipod touch, cologne, shirts, pants, jeans, shoes, bag.
anww i nv spend all!
i even gave 100bucks to mummay!
thats like the greatest thing i ever done.
kudos x10 to me!=) HAHA!

ok 2009’s gonna be a great year guys.
im gonna kick everyone’s butt!

*I slept thru christmas eve to new year.(best!)

❤ her =)

Posted by: Shen | December 25, 2008

gay everyone

back in action!
oh yes my com is so damn repaired.
gonna get stack at com 24/7.

oh & everyone seems so gay.
oh god.


& merry christmas everyone!~


&& i got good progress
& eagles award.


Posted by: Shen | November 23, 2008

non frontal

jus ended work actually
at lan shop now.
working is just great with super long hours,
i mean REALLY great.

oh if u guys dunno im working at Ritz Carlton hotel.
since i have nth to blog mus well blog about work.
im lazy so its jus tt theres lotsa lotsa advantages
many frens around me all going interview.

thats all i thing.
super tired..
back to C&C.

gotta catchup with squadmates more..

Posted by: Shen | November 12, 2008

skirmish ice cream

after O’s sure’s bored.


comp still not working?!

Posted by: Shen | November 5, 2008

exams are bored without students!

at lan shop again.
computer spoil fer a month plus
lazy to get someone to repair.
cs-ed fer passed 6days.
had beancurd the last 2 weeks.
12 days of beancurd outtof 14.

O’s is ending soon
actually end already.

lotsa guitaring,music,gna do song,
job,catching up with frens,maybe club,
eating & lan.

ha no life!


Posted by: Shen | October 8, 2008

stupefied affection

Love her. That’s all.

Posted by: Shen | September 17, 2008

deny the truth.

in life, sometimes questions would be left unanswered

& there’s nothing nobody can do about it.

unless u dun call urself a human.


would anyone wna regret when they look back on their footsteps, in the future?
lets just say no one would wish fer tt.
but, i jus cant do anything about it.

sometimes i just dun understand.

& whats more,
O’s are counting down left then a month or so.

how i wished i could just drop dead.


Posted by: Shen | September 14, 2008

how does minds think alike?

i jus woked.
cant believed i fall aslp ytd
without bathing
without removing my lenses.
feel kinda weak today.
wokup with a drowsy feeling too.
&alif i forever slping when i call.
so im jus gna figure out my toneport.

anw din blogged bout Friday so here u go.

No comments fer chem paper2.
went home.
headed fer soccer with another class.
left at 3 plus fer home.
changed &headed town with someone.
someone wanted to buy b’dae pressies
end up shopping fer own._.
visited far east, then dfs, then lido
dinner was at fish& co
sumptous i can say.
had 2 sets of fish& chips then seafood platter
2 alcoholic drinks that doesnt taste alcoholic.
walked around headed suntec.
then fountain of weath thingy.
headed back home
cos someone haf to show face.
tsktsk. ;P

gna bath to freshen up alittle!

oh, & i think Wentworth Miller from prison break as Michael Scofield,
looks kinda like Chester from Linkin park. haha


Posted by: Shen | September 14, 2008

howl about love

jus got bk home.
was stdying at tim hse
then cabonara fer dinner.
guitar-ed at playground.
long chat then.
nw jus got home.
& there’s like a black cat outside hse._.

morning went fer a farewell presentation my unit’s 2CIs
head to sengkang west swimming complex.
came out after 10mins in there.
LRT-ed to compass point.
lunch was kfc
then went arcade.
head town.
got my toneport 90bucks
cos the smaller version, toneport gx
cost 95ardy.
then i walked around orchard
got choc drink frm starbucks,
i wanted the iced 1 actually.pff
headed bk.
delivered charger.
actually wanted to get started to my new toy!
sudden mood change got me to stdy.
went home change bk went tim hse.

jus open-ed it up.
it will definitely tak a hell outtof a time
figuring the software frm wat i read.
bt nv the less im still gna do it.

so here it is. The LINE 6 TONEPORT UX 1.
i undressed it finally.

&it looks bigger sized then wat i though.=)

im wondering hw im gna start this.
hope i dun get too over it.
O’s is 33 days away too.


Posted by: Shen | September 11, 2008

my ceiling is 6 floors down

cant stdy.
tmr’s chem.
feel unhuman nwadays.
im nt slping in regular hrs.
didnt slp at night fer 3days.
amazingly didnt felt slpy in hall.
last night wokup at 3am.
stdy abit of chem den went sch.
haven slp till nw.
think my body feels kinda tired.
but my mind’s nt.
anw haven even started chem.
&prelims is screwed ardy anw.
grr..feel like having a fight.
suddenly have mosquito bites all over. great~

look at this

Line 6 Tone Port UX1

swear im gna get this shit fer good!

This shit features:

1. 23 guitar/bass amp models with 29 cabinet models
2. 6 vocal mic preamps for amazing, studio-quality tracks
3. 29 stompbox and studio effect models, including Overdrive, Delay, Reverb, Wah, Flanger, Chorus, and more

can save up tons of spending on tons of effect pedals, exp amps. Its like plug & play, & this shit makes recording like farking easy. The main think is it does desktop recording & production with the use tof the ableton software.

nvm think some readers also wont understand.

oh & i used my whole day researching on tt baby!

im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.
im screwed.


Posted by: Shen | September 6, 2008

hot off the mind

studied with someone at airport overnight.
starbucks is a gd place fer stdying.
had chesscake, tiramisu(with alcohol) & hot chocolate.

viewing hall makes a gd place fer slp/stdy.
sat there and really enjoyed the tranquility,
the absence of disturbance or motions,
the calm scenery of the runway,
the soft & inspiring music.
& not to miss, a gd companion.

& i wished time could jus have pause there fer the whole moment.
sad to say time flies,
sky fall into a pitch of light blue.
then u can see the sun rising.

breakfast-ed at T3.
rode bus 27 back to hougang.
then walk home frm hougang point.
woke at 8pm earlier.

gna have to start bio soon.
monday is bio paper 2.
& i have no idea hw im gna hang on fer this 2 mths.

sometimes, its better off keeping things to urself.

i’ll shoot the moon, put out the sun..


Posted by: Shen | September 1, 2008

the future freaks me out

Monday, September 01,
Time: 3.49AM.

feeling very mixed now.
haven been using time productively.
mind has been all over here & there.
how do i describe?.

anw, went fer baybeats with a couple of frens.
prolly 5 others.
this time they didnt set up at nokia arena stage.
cardinal avenue did a great set.
had dinner at hongkong cafe.
came back fer the electrico.
they totally lifted the stage.
atmosphere got superb high.
they were just awesome.
saw tons of bodysurf.
i was just back behind though.
mosh pit ground filled with stones & mud.
haha, ppl grind, hit, pushed and all.
dno why they cant jus stand there watch & enjoy.
oh & electrico’s bassist, desmond wore ultraman mask.
haha then he threw to the crowd.

so support electrico! grab their album in stores!

hmms i missed day 1 & 3.
missed alot other great bands.
think this year baybeats’s still as great as ever.

& i got this printed on a topman basic.
taken by timothy.

Anw its some choosen design for Baybeats 2008.
got it imprinted fer jus a dollar! what a steal!

later gna go amk library
gna start engine fer stdy again.
its september, & shit next month is O’levels!
i can feel the pressure man.

feel kinda screwed.
think im abit over.
just have to control myself.

if u knew what’s gna happen in the future, the day after, the next minute,
at the end of the day

would u continue to live that life?

time: 4:48am
my bed looks comfy nw.


Posted by: Shen | August 28, 2008

Chop Suey!


ps: greg, dun get high.

Posted by: Shen | August 25, 2008

the roads are not what they seem to be.

i cant stdy.

its like 4am now.
have chem/bio practical exams later.
i really hope things dun get screwed.

really really cant stdy.
no push to stdy.
still feeling weird.
very empty..
dno why.

earlier back,
went out wanted to stdy.
end up nt much of expected.

&i really really really want the standard fender telecaster real real badly.
saw at sweelee earlier having a huge discount.
i only have a hundred and ten bucks in my wallet.
i feel like crying..

direct tmr is SS exam.
& today marks the start of prelims.

there goes my slp again..

Posted by: Shen | August 23, 2008


cant study.
this few days..
jus feels very weird.

Posted by: Shen | August 22, 2008

believe me i’m lying.

this is da SEX!

sleeply all day long.
anw i found out sweelee as stocked in new teles,
made in mexico or america.
they say the price would be a bargain.
im still in doubt though.
so i just sent in an enquiry email about the stockings & price.
i REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY want tt telecaster above super badly!

went to school.
external validation by moe ppl fer selected ppl.
my grp of 20 kenna is under CCA leaders.
so obvious leadership about the school and
all would be directed from us(representing student pop)
to the moe interviewer.
so went into av theatre then talk about tt all and suffs.
shared we her each of our leadership experience in each cca.
and many general questions too.

john, russell, iggy, jj, greg, shawn, louis, jere plus ME.
as u can see the above.
these are actually ppl in the class who makes 4E2 more ‘life’.
obviously with these group
there will never be peace.
after makan
went out of hougang mall.
opened a number 27.
then again i kenna.
just so fcuking nice end at me.
i had a gut feeling it was gna be me though.
so the one kenna must go ask gals how to go to hougang mrt.
no choice lo.
went into mall then approach this fella.

Shen: Excuse me, do u knw hw to go hougang mrt?
The gal: Err.. ya, the there(pointing) straight.
Shen: Oh ok, thanks.
Shen: Eh GUYS!(controlling laughter) Hougang mrt over there!(pointing)
Others: Oh ok!

acting skills all damn gd.haha.
damn stupid also.
dno wat to stdy this few days.

when i felt like giving up i looked & think back.
what made me hold on till where i am now?


Posted by: Shen | August 21, 2008

when love meets & the day meets the night.

Posted by: Shen | August 19, 2008

that dun really matter to anyone anymore

the night.

sch is mundane as ever.
it seems a lifelong,
the past three days.
out though.

saturday went fer Carpenter’s Tools International.
no doubt they were great.

3hrs of today
went into the moltivation & study talk.
quite fruitful,
i guessed.

feel kinda lost soul nwadays.


Posted by: Shen | August 15, 2008

singh is king!

Libra Positive Traits

Diplomaitic and urbane
Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable Perceptive and intuitive. Very graceful and charming. Expresses considerable poise, is kind and caring with a sympathetic disposition. Librans’ are generous by nature and are loving and affectionate, and most are very talented and adaptable.


0329hr now.
slp time..


Posted by: Shen | August 12, 2008

the past of the future is now.

i think im screwed.
cos of my last post.
izzit i self denial or wat?
cos i think everyone will prolly come suan me.
ok nvm.

racial harmony day was great, i think.
didnt helped tt much.
watching how horrible some ppl sing.
then camwhoring with kingston’s bro D40.
took like freaking lotsa picts, dno whether he did upload nt.
im still waiting.
bt, i think its damn fun owning an SLR cam.
then we took class picts and stuff.
most stupidest thing was i practically
slept at the study area outside staff room
like dunno why also.
for 1 hr somemore.power..

Then went home wanted to study,
ended up in bed.
Night went out for ‘money not enough 2’.
will not elaborate more, 2words, farking hilarious!
dinner was billy bombers.
then walk walk walk walk walk walk around town till wee hours.
4, 5 hours i think.

sat wakup at 3plus.
later night cook spaghetti at lf’s hse.
terrible i guess.
then watch the vasatham central, the indian show
freakingg laugh our ass off, & i rolled!
& mind u it was nt a comedy.

sunday morning tuition.
came back stone.
then out again amk hub,
esplanade study.
pie & cake fer dinner at secret recipe.
took a long bus ride at suntec back home.

today, met tim at hougang green.
went to shop n save bought breezer.
then bought chicken potato salad at ljs.
everything taste terrible except tt small pc of chicken._.
went to his house supposedly to study.
end up do play guitar.
did paper one of phy also.

now is 0050.
im gna start emath hmk nw.

anw Olympics is on!
& Prison Break season 4
will be premiering on 1st Sept in the US.
I have been freaking waiting fer so many donkey yrs!


Posted by: Shen | August 11, 2008


The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love is ..

“Probably folding tons & tons of hearts out of plastic straws, landing them in a box
of candies & soft toy.”

Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008.

Originator blog:


This is something Song Wei, that ass ask me do. I swear im not doing this kinda thing again, cos’ its farking embarassing. Whoever saw that will proly suan me like hell! Song Wei, u good!
I dunno the details anyway, just copy paste. There u go. If kenna, dun think i got time go.haha

Copied from Song Wei’s blog..

What you basically have to do is to post an entry on YOUR BLOG recounting the craziest thing you have done for love, signing off with “Catch Wall-E in cinemas from 28 August 2008.” and then linking to Matthew’s blog ( as the originator of the blog.

And you are done!

So basically, you can just copy and paste whatever I typed above the dashes and change whatever in the box to whatever applies to you. Cause i also copied what Felicia written on her blog and copied and paste here, make things alot faster leh.

Oh and the winner will be determined by the most number of people who linked to his or her blog as the originator, thus forming the longest “chain”. The competition ends on 11th August!

Blog and do the same thing as i am doing now!


mundane day like usual.
after school stayed till 6+ fer oral.
29/40 which is nt very good.
i asked cher qns too.ha
so the sciences teachers are wearing our class tee fer
later’s racial harmony day event.
no wear, no discount. 🙂

so tmr we will be celebrating National Day
with Youth & Racail Harmony Day.
tmr will be loads of fun again.
lasy yr as great.
our class came up 1st fer the class events,
we raised the most money too.
lets see; we’ve got coconuts, coconut jelly, soya bean,
2litres coke(going at amazing price), can drinks, blended drinks,
spaghetti, sausages, beehoon, fried rice, muffins,
jelly, chocalote coated stuffs & much more etc.
tmr will see.

can see our class may be crazy at times.
but when it comes to helping out,
everyone gives a helping hand hur.
& we always have lotsa varieties of food/drinks.
Mrs Lee super enthu fer this kinda event also.ha
tmr will have lotsa picts taken.

oh, i seriously have no idea why the councillors
wna push down all the shutters when bell rings.
so pissed with them la.
even if it is approved by sch management,
wat gives the councillors to do it like caging ppl.
i seriously hope these councillors get screwed or something.
ppl walkings somemore, then some bags there,
they push down the shutters like their house one liddat.
best 1 is i saw the daniel, president candidate somemore.
bell ring, the next second the shutter is pulled down.
like in competition with other councillors who can pull down faster liddat.
russell kenna malign somemore, he trip over the shutter, then whole thing drop.
then they say him.

councillors should start to take a look at themself,
before they wanna do actions against student bodies.
& towards the other day qns & answer session,
we can clearly see that the daniel fella nv
answered any of the qns mention by the students body.
he keeps defending councillors, and dun take comments into considerations.
meaning wat?councillors comfirm correct?
wrong mentality la, how to lead.
then keep saying read posters & “i post u a qn”.?joke la.
lmao lo.

anw nw is 1.20am.
gna try to stdy all the way till dawn.
time is precious. maybe catch some slp in sch lata.

It is because of one who seeks for happiness oppresses with violence,
others who desire happiness will never attain happiness.

the mind.

Posted by: Shen | August 5, 2008

turd or tard

today’s tuesday.
ytd was monday.
today is ytd’s tmr.
ytd’s tmr is today.
today is 05/08/08
dun wna comment about ytd.
so pissed.

another week.
like so freaking fast.
today lesson damn sian.
history, falled aslp.
ss i tried to listen.
phy did my tuition papers.

geeta lesson had be forwarded to 7pm.
late for lesson today.
cos i missed alot of bus.
den went i went out without my wallet.

prelims is nearing.
so is O’s.
im so nt prepared.
cant really study much when ya nt motivated.
everyday i go home wna stdy, end up comp.
if nt lepak around my house.
best is when i have afternoon naps.
i just cant wait for these 3 intensive months to pass.

then wat..
November 11, 9am will mark the end of my O levels.
and i fucking gna walk out of the exam hall screaming.
for my 10yrs of fuckturd sch rules life will fucking end.
den by 10am i will dump all my textbooks/notes all alway.
den i will take a nap.

when i wakup im gna go crazyzee thru the night, out.
nw whose gna join me?!

back to serious.

sometimes i wonder ppl even think when they do.
for they do not see the consequences that lies.
merely doing for ones sake.
then, they have fallen deeply.

integrity’s the key,
then look back at ur conscience when u ‘do’.

&it will always be altrustic rather then egoism,
for whenever my conscience lies.

bye world!

Posted by: Shen | July 28, 2008


its monday.
i felt the blues early morning.
dno why.
anw luckily wasnt caught for late in sch.
i guess its rather depressing nwadays
cant really seat down and study,
& i keep thinking of Os.

sat match we lost.
actually i felt we could win,
maybe we didnt had enough teamwork.
cause we never train together before.
hmms, then after the match headed for ajisen ramen.

today had presentation for history.
proly we din presented well.
but am glad our argument was okay.
after school headed to mall with lf, met leslie on the way
went for ajisen ramen like again.
the soup is simply addicting!

anyway im finding some moltivation to study nw.
phy test this thurs on the whole electricity chpt.holy shit!
tmr got tuition, guess i’ll head for guitar lesson after tt straight.

dno why my hp msgs suddenly all gone where,
memory of msgs reads still.weird.

im lost nw.


Posted by: Shen | July 24, 2008

when tables turn, when sugar taste like armageddon

mundane day.
math test vectors was a piece of cake,
probabilty totally made the paper look like crap.
hmms physic quiz.
chemy spa.
Mrs Lee was nt around like again.

oh ya.
so my damn class, 4E2
made very own soccer team.
partly started by john & me.
E2s hur..
playing with E5 this saturday after SSS.
match at 12, at punggol CC field there.

we crap so much then finally came up with formation.
they say sure have fight.
haha so we’ll see.
anw i wouldn’t be surprise if fight brokout.
looking at my class, plus me.
all nuts.
comes to playing, lagi worse.
esp this iggy.
everytime play soccer like some lunatic running around the field.
haha, not jus him.

anw lets see.
oh ya!
our class teee is out!
the back is damn nice.
Hui Juan’s mum
drew it.
im looking forward to the match against E5.
John will be nuts.
haha, our star player ke ping.
our manager is the Daren.
we have JJ as one of the defender.wat more.XD
this game will be crazyeeee.

ok wateva.
tuition tmr night.sigh.
lotsa things to complete tonight.


Posted by: Shen | July 23, 2008

undressing the words

like fking finally.=x
i waited so fking long for this.

so its been a week since my last post.dno wat to rite.
slpy nwadays in class.
chem is like total blank to me.
phy & bio at least i got confidence.
1set phy paper,
1set phy tuition paper,
1set math tuition paper,
math test tomorrow.
dno how to start.

anw, deep condolence to uncle Daniel Ho, hopes he rest in peace.its a great pity though.
he’s a damn nice guy.
so ytd we had a special assembly at the hall.
then they announced about him.
then Mrs Lee was like damn sad,
terence cried too i think.
back to class, all damn quiet.
like for once.
Mrs Lee came in, she talk abit then crying.

our class donated a sum up to 218bucks.
i mean quite alot la.
see the paper most of them all write 5bucks.
yeah, hope these money helps in a way or another.

so geeta lesson ytd.
still midst of joe satriani, always with me alway with you.
got frustrated, cos my pinky.
cause i always use my 3rd finger instead of pinky.
best thing was tapping, yeah.
got my strings.
haven change yet cos too lazyee.
damn restless nwadays.

O levels nearing.

a fool shows his annoyance at once,
a wise man overlooks an insult.


Posted by: Shen | July 16, 2008

March Past & Review & PASS OUT!

The men.

The march.

The Prayer.

The Tears, the Memories, the last moment.





Posted by: Shen | July 16, 2008


Posted by: Shen | July 15, 2008

verbal uncountable

good things come to an end.
if there’s start there will be an end.
an open book will always have an ending.

so i hope my men, my squad & me have learnt much.
for me squad & i have gone thru shit, laughter, joy, pain, emotional times,
all together. We have growth, individually & as a whole.
from 1 squad of useless monkeys to useful monkeys.

just something for everyone..

everything is about the mind,
ur action speaks ur mentality,
ur mentality determines everything,
having a wrong mindset will end u no where.

just like saying u will lose the war when u haven even started,
then u would already have lost half the war before trying.

the mind can actually be the most powerful thing,
it can also be the worst thing.
It all matters how you use it, how u create ur mentality.

school is fine, 2hrs lesson.
1230 dismiss then 1430 listening compre.
damn crappy.
im going geeeeta lesson real soon.
i skept the makup lesson last week.sianz!


Posted by: Shen | July 14, 2008

whole new chapter

so fast.
seems like a blink of an eye.
POP’s over, so is chalet.
i’ll not talk bout school today, cos no feeling for it.

so Friday night half of my squad end up in my house,
polish boots, badges, prepare presentation.
lets jus say majority slept for 1 hour,
wokup 4am+, washup headed to school.
changed to full U, as soon as we reached.

fast forward till rehearsal, damn panic.
good thing didnt screwed.
then left 20mins then till actual parade.
last minute brush up on drills.
walked pass the contingents,
sec1s, 2s cried, then was the GOH.
sec3s started, den was my ncos.
tears drop, especially for my squad it was real meaningful.

luckily parade was smooth.
the moment we brought our beret to our ranks, some cried again.
after we threw our berets, all went damn high, seniors came in then play like kana possess.
as we throwed, so was our burden, it marked the end of our 4years of journey.
yeah through out the day we hard some heartfelt moments.

night chalet, then play like mad.
my squad like damn nuts, doing stupid things in the room.
went to pasir ris park walk,
oh then kc sir got 3 of us peach breezer barcardi,nice.
then all cramped in 1 room to sleep.
8 of us shared the bed.
next morning, which was ytd.
wokeup, laughters continued again.
like never ending.
headed to wild wild wet.
played till 2plus, kfc for lunch.
back to play till 5plus.
it was fun flipping people off their floats.

back to chalet,
bbq again.
head off at 9plus.
totally had no directions, cause suddenly the fun comes to an end,
our service has ended too.
anw cabbed back with francis,qh & shan.
headed home kana nagged, bath then packed everything in my room.
head for bed then.

late for schoool today.cheeeeebongs!

opening a new chapter in my life again.
aint easy.
everything is new now, whatever i had to let go, i did.
haha yeah, new wallet new hp too.
& new topic on chemistry.

Wish my squad a success in the future, for wherever they go!


Posted by: Shen | July 7, 2008


it’s been a week.
didnt stdy cos this 2 week wna concentrate on my pop.
so this saturday’s the day.
seriously im nt even motivated to do any hmk.
though i have like bio?, math & el.

ytd went dno wat event’s tt.
den amk hub.
new york new york for lunch.
dinner at pastamania.
so i had pasta for both meals.
got my an espirit wallet 45bucks discount till dirt cheap.
chat back at hg mac over the wees.

today rehearsal.
cut hair, like freaking short now.
rush to beach road.
got sash, badges, ordered lanyards for our pop.
met dad.
went bugis,
got an 8GB N81.
chicken rice for dinner.

took the bus back home alone till hg central.
headache till nw.grrr

anw cant wait for this saturday!!


Posted by: Shen | July 1, 2008

essence of lessons

i was late again.
cos i slept at sofa like AGAIN!
cos i fall aslp after eating ramly burger.
den wokup 830.
luckily today they din catch.

anw assembly had Apple ppl
coing down to show us DJ mixing,
den dno wat basic DJ mixing course
they were trying to present.

anw, we came up with POP ending part for us!
i think its damn nice,super nice.
they keep wanting to redo and redo, den throw shoe instead,
after that all went nuts.

so this year’s POP will be freaking nice, will be a good one.
anyone wna come?

Posted by: Shen | June 30, 2008

cute poison

earlier finished o lvl chinese oral.
i shld say its quite ok la.
i wasnt nervous for once.
russell was teaching me tt pen trick,
just before my turn.
i got so pissed with the pen den.

back to ytd.
actually spent 20 bucks on cab.nb!
went to their band performance at elias cc.
travelled to town for billy bomber’s,
at cathay.treated francis cos his bdae.
had half a spring chicken and pork ribs.

busybusy the next few weeks!

oh, & dno who i shld invite for POP.
hmms most prob no one to ask.pff.


Posted by: Shen | June 28, 2008

dirt nap

back from sch.
luckily 4hrs tuition was postphoned
so i stayed in sch did hmk.

pop is just 2 weeks away,
lesser proly.
this year will be a grand one
so im looking forward to perfection
for everything for pop.

hmms, 1 year of nco life
real damn short
like a blink of an eye,
but i still cant wait for POP.
oh, and its on the 12 of July.

ha, this 2 weeks will be intense, busy
super cant wait..

anw spain won russia,
yeah i won.
euro final is monday.

oh, and this week is super slack.
math & english away.
super free man me.
then SSS, super self study from next week onwards.

haiz, O levels is nearer!
Monday will be my Chinese O level Oral.
i’ll just give it all out when its my turn.

still own francis a birthday treat.
billy bombers proly.

one more thing,
i manage to complete whole of prison break season 3,
im telling u its fugging nice.
just waiting for 1 episode a week would proly kill me.
so when is season 4?


Posted by: Shen | June 24, 2008

bang & burn

school like usual accept im not sleeping in class anymore.
and will nt anymore in the future.
paying attention more.

approaching the right
is actually the simplest.
but people complicate it,
thus they fail to see,
the easiest thing becomes the hardest then.

if u cannt untie the knot in ur heart,
then you will never realise,
no matter what you do & say,
in the end you still cant let go.

anw i have have choosen this path 1week ago.
im not turning back.


Posted by: Shen | June 22, 2008

blinded by itself

bk from camp ytd.
cant believe i slept without bathing after camp.

didnt sleep for all nights, stayed up during the wees all the way till day.
& attained 1st class drill badge finally.

anw this camp though its leadership camp for sec 3s,
but it let me realised, learnt so are my squad/ncos, a lot of things.

no one in the world is perfect.
so am i. so are my squadmates/ncos.
there is still much for us to learnt.

Sometimes man doesnt learnt, cos they always look upon their achievements,
they look at how much & how perfect their abilities are, till they fail to improve.

Thus, they fail becos they never look back at what they are weak in,
what bad points they have in them, thus they are blind folded by themselves,
Then they will always think they are very good, they will never then improve.

Same principle here.

Why people always fall in the ‘Average’,
& very less in the ‘Overaverage’ & the ‘Underaverage’ region?
Why there are people less in the average doing family,
less in the well to do & poor family?

Why people are always sad about wateva thing, and doesnt move on?
Even if u do, do u really let this thing go and really understand why?

Think about it.
Actually everything is within you,
you choose what u want & what u dun want.
It all lies in ur own hands.

Look at my blog’s title.

Bye world!
tme schreopen.

Posted by: Shen | June 17, 2008


short hair now.
schreopening next week.

anw completed the 2 online test
& just 1 assignment ytd night.
then browse around youtube till dawn.

hmms leaving home to school later.
4D3N NCO camp for Sec2s,3s
guess will be missing sleep again.
just hope my sleeping hrs gets bk to normal
when sch reopen.

ok off to do phy sch hmk.
den school.
dun miss me.


Posted by: Shen | June 16, 2008



Posted by: Shen | June 16, 2008

laterally opposite inverted

mundane day like ever.
tuition 3hrs today though.

just polished my new boots.
dno wna bath later not.

fcuk i have a lot of things i wna get.
woke up today feeling the urge to get
a fp short sleeve shirt.
oh, and my telecaster dream seems so far.

im gna go dig gold.

Vaunt3 tmr.


Posted by: Shen | June 15, 2008

dominate minds

no mood.

bt anw, ytd only day i din stdy since hols.
morning celebrate viki’s b’dae,
night another.
had tuition pushed to today.
watched kungfu panda.
quite okay.
wasnt really like very hilarious.
for me i think.
had super late night supper
across punggol park.
walked bk home den.

seriously fucking sian.
im gna have wat like 3hrs tuition test.
for math & phy.
tmr im having tuition again.

wat is going on with people’s mind nwadays.
at least the simplest thing mature.
nt like im saying im a very perfect person
or wat.
sometimes i just dun wna express this shit.
its really coming a problem.
just cant think at a bigger picture hur?.

Posted by: Shen | June 13, 2008

endless mundane night

Montfort Secondary School National Police Cadet Corp Non-Commissoned Officers
Batch: 2007/08

back to bloggin after a few days inactive.
some changes to my life.
sleeping 6plus near 7 in the morning everyday,
where u see the Sun rise ppl start waking up..
shen starts slping.

stdy & stdy & stdy nwadays,
hmk all the way till dawn.
sausages for midnight/dawn snacks.
full of thoughts.
mum’s nt nagging anymore.
she’s nt gna scold me for being up.
peace finally.
thats why everyday would seem feaking long.
this few days tuition home tuition home tuition home hmk.
like totallly excluded from the world.

&sch reopening the week after next.
then camp.
then passout 2nd week of July.

okay, im going to hmk again in an hrs time.
nw teebeee.

maybe i have realised.

Posted by: Shen | June 9, 2008


ya she thinks she’s always right so let it be.
i nt giving a shit anymore.
lets just say im a fcuking useless son OKAY!,
if she wna name it.
im very tired.very very

Posted by: Shen | June 6, 2008

freeway fright

stomachache since last night.
went to gym earlier
den lunch at mall.
just came bk from jx house.

tuition later at 7.
got some corrections to be done.

always coincides.

ytd’s dream..


Posted by: Shen | June 5, 2008

so what happened?
The driver was apparently drunk and fell asleep when he crashed in the race.

look at people nwadays..

Posted by: Shen | June 5, 2008

know or no?

time is 0331hrs.
back 31mins ago.
went for a jog at punggol pk.
3rounds which makes it 3.6km.
some workout then.
head for supper at bliss.
chat, ate.
went playground,
swing was occupied. :\like fcuk!
walked to hougang pk.
headed home.

haven completed my assignments.
tons of tuition hmk haven completed.
4days continuous tuition.

oh, & i skept event @st james power station.
headed sraight home after geeta.

still nt tired yet.
anw, had all planned up for everything.
just something else.

its still the same old qn over again.
im just fcuking screwed
when it comes to this.

bye world!

Posted by: Shen | June 3, 2008


my notebk is fcuking cool!

anw i was fcuking late for school!
so i fcuking missed chemistry!
2more days of farking lessons.

im fcuking going for geeetaa lessons soon.
dun fcuking disturb me!
i’ll fcuking bite!

fcuking dno where to roam after guitar lessons.
fcuking sigh.

did i fcuking mentioned i watched narnia ytd?
okay so i fcuking did!

bye fcuktards!

Posted by: Shen | June 2, 2008


i dno wat to write.
maybe it just seems like any other day,
but its different.

*this guy is stupid*:\

anw got my notebook.
meaning work will come.

Posted by: Shen | June 2, 2008

the time of my life

I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in
And looking for that
Magic rainbow
On the horizon
I couldn’t see it

Until I let go
Gave into love and watched all the bitterness burn
Now I’m coming alive
Body and soul
And feelin’ my world start to turn

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

Holding onto things that vanished
Into the air
Left me in pieces
But now I’m rising from the ashes
Finding my wings
And all that I needed
Was there all along
Within my reach
As close as the beat of my heart

So I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

And I’m out on the edge of forever
Ready to run
I’m keeping my feet on the ground
My arms open wide
My face to the sun

I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
This is the time
This is the time of my life.
This is the time of my life

Posted by: Shen | June 2, 2008

reiventing the heartbeats

pass few days seems so happening.
dun wna mention much,
so the guys just came over for party brought volka,
attempt to cook cabonara,
fried fries,
scrambled eggs.
watched tv till late.
meng & lf stayed over.
C&C-ed at 0330hrs.
den slp.

ytd had tuition.
jus had too, earlier.
gna be 4 tuition lessons a week.
had some critical thinking & decision making last night.

& time for bucking up have to start trng up physically,
meaning weekly gym & jogging.

needa get a cool note book,
for jotting down all my stuffs,
den planning for my hols,
will be much packed,
having been forgetful nwadays.
&super-irregular sleep these days.

tmr’s parent teacher meeting,
& i dun look forward to it.
but wateva, they will just nag&nag&nag.

oh! tmr’s prison break will be a cool episode. must catch!

exactly 4days to passing out. looking back at the days.

hmms, going to bed soon.
time is 0211hrs.
the night seems long today.

qns &qns,
but seeking will just be in vain.


Posted by: Shen | May 29, 2008

3.5mm of spirit


back from tuition.

woke up by hp alarm.
stood up for 5seconds.
went back to sleep then.
wokup from my dream, 1257hrs.
went back to my dream.
finally awaken myself up 1430hrs.

the dream was not like usual,
dno why.
i can still recall..

tmr’s POSED day.
have to attend school but not for lessons.
tuition will be 4times a week from now on.sigh
hardwork is the key to success anw,
i guess so.
but cant see to really stdy nw.

needa chill out more often.
night time seems perfect for everything.
this explains why i sleep late.



Posted by: Shen | May 29, 2008

keep visiting here okay!
i want a thousand hits!!!


Posted by: Shen | May 28, 2008


O level physics spa finally finish.
no more physics spa!
so kinda manageable i think,
& the qn was on marble.
yea & i did finish 15mins be4 time.
1st time i think.

bio & maths lesson today kept me sleepy
just couldnt energize up alittle.

back to ytd night.
learnt this new song,
gary moore –
the lonely,
nice song i guess.
check it out! 1 of the oldies.
so ater lesson travelled to Bliss
at punggol park
met up francis & lf at 10pm+ to chill
supper; sphegetti with cream sauce i think
was great so chat chat
meng came by sweat like SIAO.
played swing.
walked francis home.
reached home 0005hrs!

anw prison break is getting addictive!
& read 8 days saying david cook won
was a conspiracy or some shit i think
cause david archuletta’s dad
was hungry power.
i dno bout that.
but david cook deserve’s the american idol
he sings great
just like daughtry.

if only..

Posted by: Shen | May 27, 2008

geee taa heee loooww!

chinese Os finished ytd.
tts 1 subj down 5more to go.
cos i take 6

played C&C recently, fun
missed SS lesson early shitz
scored badly for .22 relvover competition
my 4 years of boots is dying too._.

nwadays everyone keeps playing pool
tmr tuition
alot events coming up

off for geeta lesson!


Posted by: Shen | May 25, 2008


life’s sucks.
school sucks.
family sucks.
everything sucks.

chinese O level tmr.

Posted by: Shen | May 24, 2008

H20 is life!

semester 1 ended.
but there’s still lessons for the first 2 weeks.
ok shit!
Monday’s chinese o’level
i haven started a single shit.
well i dno why too.

anw got back all results.
overall failed pure physics only.
dno why combine humans would pass,
maybe my social studies did helped?.wateva
like a give a shit.

made 1yr supply of contacts
i think it was cheap 110bucks?
dun care also la.

anw we guys are passing out 1month from now,
like 2nd week of July.
4years seems so fast.phew.


Posted by: Shen | May 21, 2008


went sch late like 9.30am?
i actually left my hp to charge so the alarm din rang.
so my hp actually suck.
it’s days are numbered.

so I watched ‘over her dead body’ last night
proly rate 8/10
story’s quite interesting& unique
last part’s hilarous then
its always happily ever after..

great movies watched this mth;
rambo 4(swear it’s friggin nice!)
the forbidden kingdom
step up 2
what happens in vegas
speed racer
over her dead body

coming up;
made of honor
indiana jones
sex & the city
kungfu panda

on movie craze nowadays.
so gonna complete my list fast.

o’ lvl chinese is 4days away!
someone tap me on the shoulder pls!

passed BIO for fcuking once.
thank god.


Posted by: Shen | May 20, 2008

always wanted you to knw.

big radiation wave at 11pm?
metro tv?
wat cock is that?
i dun switch off my hp when im aslp.
so i dun care.

back from guitar lesson.
damn ezlink card
spoiled my day.
dun wanna tok bout my papers.
i did badly.
so my fucked.
sleep through all lessons plus 2 assembly

have been sleeping 4am+ recently
im dead
serious dead

ppl do for a return,
i do just because i wanna do it.


Posted by: Shen | May 20, 2008

exam smart.

“Its curvy, with a higher bit at the end and a rather aesthetically pleasing slope downwards towards a pretty flat strait bit. The actual graph itself consists of 2 straight lines meeting at the lower left hand corner of the graph and moving away at a 90 anger each line has an arrow head on the end”

PS: This aint done by me.(i knw it feels like its done by me)

Posted by: Shen | May 19, 2008

two is one plus one

yeah i knw title’s random
so wateva im superandom.
anw im back from tuition.
im tired.
im heading for bed.

ha this post is short.

Posted by: Shen | May 18, 2008

best for the last

how can i say today.
very long day indeed.
morning helped at assisi home funfair.
so we ‘laboured’ for quite sometime
den food we when
yeah cant disagree this class is wild.
won beers & wine.
too bad cant open the wine
& and i din drink beer though
so screwed.
so we fooled around till 1pm.
lefted for movie.

reached far east.
had red bull.
couldnt fly.
but it vitalised me,
for 15mins.
like cool uh?.
‘what happened at las vegas’
i must agree this is one of the coolest
plus great storyline
romantic with humour
just great.
yeah watchit its quite worth.

mrt-ed to kovan.
pool-ed 3hrs
dun 4get i had to make my bro contacts.
so i won 3 matches in a row.
after that all shit luck.
all mad ppl(this stupid class)
anyhow shoot, flying ball, bulldog?, wateva crap
all came out.
but was fun chilling there.
luckily no bengs there.
so was fun.

fun fun fun fun fun day.
tmr’s phy tuition at 2.
gotta be prepared.
nt to 4get tmr’s vesak day means no sch.

and my hp can jolly well go to hell.
friggin 6280, some kind of hp?
suck big time man
im so pissed!

and happy 16th b’dae the twins!(shawn & daren NG)!


Posted by: Shen | May 17, 2008

i have fallen deeply

ytd was last paper.
i din stdy so i tikam-ed.
i dno i stopped stdyin since tues.
quarrel with mum again.

i just dno why.
my dad called me too.
we had a nice talk.

so ytd nite was great.
fun indeed.
great atmosphere.
great people and stuff.
den had long chat.

just woke up.
time is 1800hrs.

sry guys i cant makit today
for the bbq party and stuffs.
stupid man im partially sick
with a hardcore ulcer in my throat
im dying.
had to postphoned phy tuition too.
mum’s back jus.

maybe its time for people to start thinking
for the consequences and future.
people out there are just doing things
in their ppl in my sch or out there.


Posted by: Shen | May 15, 2008

when ends meet.


woke up at 6pm today.
feel so powered then.
never slept such a long time before.
and its been a long time since i slept ample.
tmr’s chem/bio P1

tmr’s another long day.
still deciding for tmr..


Posted by: Shen | May 15, 2008

i’ll be enjoying my sleep today,
while others kill their brain cells for amaths paper.


Posted by: Shen | May 14, 2008

home sweet home

exams is over.
cos’ friday is jus chem/bio P1
i studied for P2 le
so i not studying anymore.
sick of it
for past week
i’ve been mugging til near 5am.
so im gonna like enjoy myself now before
prelims come.

so yeah.
physic paper 1 earlier.
haha end at 9am!
paper starts at 8am.
so it was pretty manageable.
went to James house borrow c&c
den head home.
chicken rice,
den straight install c&c
in dvd drive cos stupid C drive cant eject.
den after tt some problem.
so i was pissed.
so i nt playing le.

so my guitar accompanied me.
timmy & saifu came over.
kinda jammed for quite sometime
yeah they brought their guitars.
& i was playing most of the time._.

so im gonna enjoy post exam activities
will proly be going out more often

hotel california solo’s great.
my pinky is starting to irritate me.
so no choice gotta adapt.
cos i dun use my pinky.

ok so im going to do something.


Posted by: Shen | May 12, 2008

this is a planned one by God

phy is screwed real bad.
i studied so fcuking much tt
i only had 2hrs of sleep.
im really amazed by his qns
17pgs of qns 1hr 45mins.
calulate it.
totally no time for a breathe.
guess wat,
his qns are so in depth
till u dun even knw a single sit about the qn
that proly my class & E1 have been own.

chemistry for tmr.
dno where to start.
dno any single shit of chem for 2008.
damn shag.
1 more round of stdying,
after tmr’s paper
is my self declared holiday
though there’s still papers
till fri.but all will be paper 1 mcq.
so i would by then be prepared ardy.

2008 mye seems long.

anw back from mac.
din stdy much for chem.
gna proly coverr all thru midnight again.
just 1 last time again.tsktsk
chem’s paper at 1100
im meeting shannon early for breakfast.

puzzled over.

Posted by: Shen | May 11, 2008

when midnight falls.

sometimes i really wonder why
i am helping others, talking to them
but i just cant help myself in all ways.
i dun wanna end in this world realising i have failed in life.
at the end of the day
u nv had fought for ur love one,
u have failed
disagree for all i care.
im nt a gd son.

deep thoughts nw.
stdying for phy til 4am.

bye world.

Posted by: Shen | May 10, 2008

meat is tasty tasy good!

back from dinner with tim & meng
had stdy session early at mac earlier
i couldnt wakup early
slept 4am again last night.
so i did physic papers there
20 over pages i think,
left a few though.
haven touch a single shit for chem
and i dun even knw a single shit for chem.
starting tmr.
having 2nd dinner now.
back to stdy later again.

webcam chatting with bro at overseas now
haha cool new hairstyle now,
his hair was so cock last time
and he’s given money mthly

maybe it’s predestined for me.

Posted by: Shen | May 9, 2008

ok lets go!

so tried.
back from amk hub.
maths was okay.
history was a mess.
i happily studied chpt 2,
so did many others,
and holy turtle! it din came out
gosh im so damn stupid to do tt.
should have studied both.
nvm no use crying over spilled milk.
so i was so positive for history this morning.
even till i met up with the paper.
thn paper check.
chpt 2 of tov & lon not there.
“must be read wrong”,
so i flip thru again.
yeah and great i din knw a single shit there.
i was so fished*
i took my time to do my source base
hoping for high marks
doubt will achieve it
so i did 4SBQ 1hr
it was 1230 then when i finished
so i though leaving my fullscap empty,
doesnt reflect good shit.(which many others did)
so i decided ti write my own question bout tov on the foolscap;
“Do you think the treaty of versailles was fair? Explain”
so i seriously wrote what i studied on it.
yeah quite funny.
combine humanities is screwed!

tml is study again.
or should i say later too.
Physics and chem,
hope i dun need to make my own qns.
and hope i dun get screwed.
anw if u wna comment its below.

4more days of exams.
6more days of hardcore studying again.
4more days of sleeping at 4am.
6more days till dreading ends.

2more months till pop.

164 days to O’s.


Posted by: Shen | May 8, 2008

calls for a nutcase

practically LATE for school/exam i woke up at 7.45, when everyone was going up the hall i walk all the way to school.entered the hall, 10 mins late for el paper 2 no much of a big effect.qns were tedious, summary was a success.i manage to underline keywords(5mins), draft out(5mins), wrote the whole damn shit out(5mins), 150words on the spot.not a word lesser or more HA!
luckily i din panic when i reached.
so i slept in school for 3hrs.
typing all this shit at limfei’s hse.
hist & math p2 for tmr.

rpg games suck.i keep losing.dammit.


Posted by: Shen | May 8, 2008

film the world before it happens.

yes its me again!
back for the 3rd season/time.
previous blog’s been dead for yeah wateva im back for more vengence!

so mye is up.papers have been manageable though, with own opinions everywhere of my papers( bio, ss).
so pass or fail leave it to teachers. el paper 1 was great, simply write & write, and i wrote on ‘success’,
cos i’ve never been good with narratives, im only good with descriptives. cause is much more of reality than narratives.
so bio paper was done smoother then ever, i jus went into any qns and start writing, though wrote lotsa own opinion but i think its right.miss out qn on vein and the capillary shit though.dammit i actually skipped lotsa chpts when revising for bio, like the DNA, sexual reproduction and the food chain/webs, and luck was on me man! all there din came out. yea and i complete the paper for once and so smooth that i did all the qns for section B 20marks, which we were suppose to pick 2 qns out. so i did all.
like fu*ked! no wonder the others ‘looked’ like they did damn fast, i could have catch a nap if i had notice.damn!

& 4e2 all playing game, watching movie, stone around, chat, use com, great man! so am i! tmr’s el paper2.
yeah this is my screwed up class practically. LINK ME IF U GUYS GODDAMMIT SEE THIS!! 😉